Guide to Genital Shaving

Part II of III

As we said, the basics for male and female shaving are largely identical, we'll do the female part first.

Razor shaving

This option is very likely to set you up with a daily task. Of course there are many reasons why such a task can be a lot of fun - but there are a few other things to consider. What may be appealing now may not be after three, four or five weeks. Especially people with online relationships quickly get bored with a daily time consuming shaving task.

The first time

There is of course the option to either self-shave or the dominant doing the first shave. No matter what your choice will be, the technical stuff is identical:

  ¥ Step one: Don't even try to remove pubic hair with just a razor. You need to clip it first, using a pair of sharp scissors. Make sure you remove as much hair as possible with the scissors. If you don't you won't be shaving but only pulling out the longer hairs during the actual shaving, which is painful and quickly blunts your razor. That again will make the shaving process more painful and less effective.

  ¥ Step Two: After the hair has been cropped as much as possible you need to prepare for shaving. In order to both achieve a very close shave - i.e. a smooth surface - and prevent pimples and irritated skin later, you'll do well to prepare yourself before you shave. The best idea - if you have a tub - is to take a long hot bath now and make sure the area - and the hair - is soft and smooth. Your next best option is a hot shower with a lot of attention for the soon-to-be shaved area. The more water you use, the better. After bathing or showering, dry yourself, including the area and wait a few minutes in order to allow the skin to recuperate a bit.

  ¥ Step Three: the actual shaving. GENEROUSLY apply shaving cream. Forget about all of the male shaving creams. If you cannot find specialized creams for female shaving (there are lots of them available for almost all skin types) resort to the mildest - non-perfumed - male variety. Don't even try just using soap (as is customary in many medical environments. It is a totally unsuitable method for genital shaving).

As you can see, you need to prepare - and probably do some dedicated shopping prior to the first shave. That goes for the razor you're planning to use as well. Warning: appealing or not, the old fashioned switch-blade razor is totally unsuitable for genital shaving and in fact dangerous. The same goes for disposable razors. What you need is safety razor, designed for female use. The Wilkinson Sword female razor is your best choice by miles. Not only is the design tailored to the curves on the female body (and the grip tailored to use in a "wet" environment since female shaving always requires a lot more water than the male - facial - shaving process), also the blades itself are protected by thin steel wires, which will make it next to impossible to cut yourself.

Pull the skin straight with your free hand and shave without applying pressure. Move the razor slowly over the skin, preferably in the counter-direction of the hair. Just one pass probably will not do the trick. You may want to shave the same area two or three times before it is totally smooth. Keep applying shaving cream, as much as you can and have some alum readily available, just in case you draw a little blood.

Step Four: When the shaving is done again wash generously with a lot of warm water. Make sure you wash all the hair and soap away.

Step Five: No you're not there yet - you need aftercare. Soft baby oil will do wonders if you want to keep your skin smooth and soft and prevent pimples from coming up. If you have tender skin, aloe vera cream (preferably with Vitamin E added to it) or a dedicated aftercare product (for women - male aftershave usually bites terribly and will only make things worse). Once shaved, make it habit to protect your now shaven mons and labia (outside) with creams or baby oil.

NOTE: If you're planning to have sex and need to use a condom to protect yourself, you will now need to protect the condom. The oil used in the genital area will make the rubber deteriorate and hence unreliable, so you need to wash prior to having sex.


Once shaven you'll do yourself a big favor by making it a habit to shave daily. That way maintenance will be easy and a relatively simple job. It's entirely possible that your skin will need to adjust to the regular shaving and the area may be irritated for awhile. Once accustomed, the skin will adapt to the "abuse" and the irritation will go away. Use creams or oil daily and always be generous with water and shaving cream.

Oh, before we forget: your LadyShave or a male electric razor are NOT suitable for use in the pubic area. Not good for you and not good for your shaver either.

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