Watersports FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

This article deals with the most frequently asked questions about watersports. As always, it is almost impossible to deal with all questions, so no, we are not complete, neither striving to be. There is a lot of good information around on the subject. But this is a basic primer on things you should know about this play form and fetish.

How can you touch that stuff?

It is far from unnatural to feel resistance or shame when it comes to watersports. In fact - as always - if you don't want it, don't do it. You don't have to and you, and only you, are the master of your own sexuality. And as explained, watersports does not necessarily have to incorporate physical contact with urine, or drinking it. On the other hand, the intake and other forms of contact with urine or urine-derivatives is not as uncommon as you may think. Want a few examples? OK, here we go.

There are many cultures in which touching of urine is part of some practical or cosmetic activity or fertility ritual. There are people, for example in equatorial Africa, who use urine together with clay and ashes to form a paste which is very effective protection against insect bites.

Certain arctic cultures sometimes use urine for personal washing, especially in the winter when it is too cold to bare your genitals outdoors and when liquid water is precious. Any experienced survival expert will tell you that drinking urine may keep you alive just a day or two longer and that drinking your own morning urine - as some do in Arab countries - is a perfect "kick start" for your metabolic system after sleep (for which purpose rabbits eat their morning excrements and human kind usually drinks coffee in the morning).

In the U.S., during the Civil War, Confederate women collected their urine and processed it into potassium nitrate for the war effort.

Looking for a fun one? In pre-Christian northern Europe, elder males consumed a drink made from the mushroom, Amanitas muscara. This particular mushroom contains a psychoactive drug which is passed, unaltered, in the urine. More junior members of the group gathered and drank the urine of those who consumed the original drink, and got high also. This ritual is still performed in some obscure Russian secret conventions. (BTW - if you think this mushroom may be a good idea to use as a recreational drug, don't do it. It is extremely toxic and some of the varieties of this particular mushroom are very efficient killers).

If I want it, how do I get past my shame?

It may very well be watersports is something you want, but thinking about it, let alone trying it, is a difficult subject. If this is something you really want, go about it carefully and preferably on your own first. For example, try taking a shower and pee over your own hand. This allows you to familiarize with the feel and the sensation of urine on your skin (which is something you will not really feel, it is mainly the idea of doing it). Remember that all components of urine are water-soluble and will wash away immediately. There will be no residue whatsoever and you can explore freely without having any fear.

Once you have been able to familiarize yourself this way, why not ask your partner to join you in the shower and experiment with it exactly the same way, only together this time. The next step will be to try and turn the water off and experience just the urine flow this time (if it scares you, you can turn the shower on again immediately and wash it off).

If you have the option of outdoor water available (such as a lake or maybe even the ocean), try standing in it together, embrace and let the urine flow. You will notice the flow as well as the difference in temperature and still there is enough water around to dissolve it quickly. Going outdoor in the summer rain, get all wet and pee at the same time is another great exercise (and can even be very, very romantic as well).

Watching each other pee without touching the stuff, making your partner wait before they are allowed to relieve themself or just plain and simple communication about the subject without actually having to do anything are also very good ways to familiarize with watersports in a non-threatening way. You may even want to get creative when it comes to watching each other and order some different positions. Or order your partner to relieve themself in unexpected moments or places, such as during a stroll through the woods or an evening walk through the park.

How can I communicate about it?

Well, we assume you have already experienced that talking about your deepest desires - coming out to your partner - is not as difficult as it may seem. You are into erotic power exchange, aren't you? So you probably will have done it before. Ok, watersports is a bit more touchy then talking about whipping or bondage. But then again, we did tell you all of this is about communication and being open and honest to each other, including deep, dark and scary fantasies.

"Hey honey, I want to piss on you, bend over," is probably not a very good idea to start with. So what do you do? Well, here is one way - which again doesn't have to be THE way, but it may help. Pick an intimate but relaxed moment and start talking about how much you enjoy touching your lover. Tell your partner about the parts of his or her body you enjoy and maybe do some real touching. Then start talking about secret fantasies. Open up yourself and finally introduce your watersports fantasy. But don't make it sound like you wanted to talk about it all along and just manipulated him or her into it. It should be sincere and open communication, of course.

If that doesn't work the first time, let it rest for a while and try again a few weeks later. Maybe that is a better moment. Another effective way to bring the subject up is via ordering your partner to hold their pee for a while and maybe have them ask for relief. That is a non-threatening way of introducing the subject within your play.

Want some more ways? Try wet massage for example, using lots and lots of lubricant in the genital area and DO try vaginal ejaculation. Making love, cuddling and hugging in the shower, washing each other are also perfect ways to become more intimate with each other.

Okay, the urine is not so much the problem,
but can we do anything about that smell?

If the odor is the problem, diluting your urine may be a very good idea. That reduces the smell considerably. Drinking fruit juice for example - or mineral rich water - helps reducing the smell of urine. So does beer (which will also help in producing more urine if that is what you are looking for).

Fish, eggs, meat, but also peas and peanuts will increase the smell of urine. So if you have had a rich meal the day before, or had a lot of peanuts, trying to dilute your urine is a very good idea. Remember that it is not what you have eaten a few hours ago is what is causing the problem. It is what the things you ate the day before. Never, ever eat asparagus prior to watersports, it creates a terrible smell and also remember that if you are sweating a lot - because of sports activity or just because it is hot - your urine will also be more concentrated and hence smell more intense.

Finally, drinking lots and lots of water is good for your body anyway, because it will help cleaning it and it will dilute your urine as well. The more water you drink the less smelly (and less "tasty" by the way) your urine will be. Two liters a day (half a gallon) will make urine almost taste like slightly salted water.

What about the mess?

It is obvious that - unless you prepare yourself and have either lots of foil or rubber sheets available - the bedroom is probably not a good place for watersports. The bathroom usually is a very good choice (and you will be amazed how many submissives especially get a kick out of "tiled areas"). If you really want to do it in bed, special disposable maternity mattresses (available from special pregnancy shops) will hold amazing amounts of fluid and can be very helpful.

We do need to warn you here for over enthusiastic diaper play. Don't try to have an adult completely empty themself in a diaper and order them to keep it on. You won't be the first to experience the embarrassing splash when the diaper can no longer hold the weight and ends up on the floor between your partner's legs. Of course for a humilation scene this may be exactly what you're looking for.

As for environmental issues, there is nothing against peeing outside. Dogs, cows and all other animals do it all the time. But do take a little care about where you do it. Preferably not on a spot somebody else is likely to pick for a picnic spot the next day. And please refrain from watersports in swimming pools. Another word of warning, in some areas and countries peeing in public is an offense. You can get fined and - when in Asian or Islamic countries - can get yourself in very, very serious trouble.

A few final tips...

The San Francisco sexual information office states that if the top is using drugs and the bottom drinks urine the bottom will test positive for drugs. This could ruin a career.

The US Army survival manual states never drink urine that has been stored, it will be filled with dangerous bacteria.

A cybersub who was ordered to drink all of her urine for too long a period was hospitalized with a severe kidney infection. Keep things reasonable.

Based on materials from the POWERotics Foundation
© 1996-2000; republished here with their permission;
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